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the 5 real danger of blue light

In this articles we are going to explore the danger of blue-voilet light and how it effects of your hormones your eyesight and your overall health. 

After wards we will also take a look at some simple ways to protect your self against these harmful light rays in the modern world. 

1. Dry eyes

One of the main concerns with blue violet light , is how it can damage your eyes in various ways .

Study shows us that too much blue -voilet light causes inflammation and oxidative damage to the front parts of your eye (cornea) , this cause the eye produce less tears.

This cause them unlubricated , feeling dry , irritated with a gritty sensation .

And the lack of tears also makes your eyes more vulnerable to infection from viruses and bacteria .

Which is something I personally suffered with after working in  a office for 8 hours a day ( conjunctivitis ). 

2. Cataracts 

Another problem with starting at screens and phones all of the time, is that it can also lead to the formation of cataracts , which apears as a white film across the lens of the eyes 

This also happens who are exposed too much sunlight, because the lens of the eye changes colour to help protect the ratina. 

Fortunately there are nutrients called lutein and zeaxanthin which can help to protect and reverse this type of damage ,which will talk more about letter in the articles. 

3. Ruins eyesight 

One of the most important parts of your eye is the retina at the back of the eye.

This is where light is converted into electrical signals that are sent to your brain , so that you see images and colours.

The problem artificial blue violet light (415-455mm) is that is has been shown to penetrate the ratina and cause photochemical damage. 

It also leads to swelling , fluid retention and calcification of the eyes that can cause blurred vision and difficult focusing on objects. 

Over time , the blue light and also the eyestrain from staring at flicking screens causes the  cilliary muscles in the eyes to become tense , causing poor eyesight and the need for prescription glasses, and also a higher risk of macular degeneration with age .

4. Ruins sleep 

Our bodies have a hormonal wave like pattern called the circadian rhythms (body clock) which causes us to sleep at night and wake up in the morning in a regular pattern. 

Natural blue light from the sun helps to turn of the sleep hormone (melatonin) in the morning so that you wake up feeling refreshed .

Normally as the sun goea down , naturally melatonin levels in the brain start to go up make you feel sleepy and fall sleepy at night. 

The problem with this is artificial blue light from devices interrupts this natural pattern. 

In fact study show that blue light can supress by up to 5× .

So if you are looking at your phone , tv or devices at night time, you are far less likely to get a deep restorative night's sleep , and Will be more likely to wake-up at irregular times , which over time can cause some severe  damage to your overall health.

If you suffer from sleeping difficulties, you may want to switch off all of your devices 1-2 hours before bed to support your pineal gland in releasing melatonin.

5. Raises cortisol 

Excessive blue light exposure has also shown to raise cortisol and adrenaline , the stress hormones.

Emotional stress can also raises cortisol , so if you combine the anxieties of life with the use of the screens every single night , the lack of sleep and the eyestrain, you get a cocktail of cortisol boosting effects which can have a devastating effect on your overall health .

High level of cortisol over a prolonged period of time keeps your body in a state called "flight/fight", where your nerve systems become overactive .

This can cause muscle loss specially in the lower legs, it causes higher blood sugars which converted into body fat , especially in the liver and around the belly area . 

This can raises your blood pressure ,increase the risk of heart diseases, diabetes,anxiety, depression and range of other problems .

If you'd like to find out your self if you have high cortisol  contact us 

How to protect against blue light effects 

Now that we have some of the potential dangers of blue-voilet exposure, let's take  a look at 5 pratical things you can do to protect and restore your eyes against blue light damage .

1. 1-2 hours before you plan on going to sleep , dim the lights in your home and put away the devices to give your pineal gland the signal that  it's time to release melatonin. 

This will help to balance out your circadian rhythms to help you to sleep deeply at night , refreshing your eyes and normalising your cortisol .

If you like to take in to the next level you can purchase "sleepy lights" which emit a red light that actually stimulates the releases of melatonin for better sleep(red light therapy) .

2. Use non prescription blue light blocking  Sun glasses to help filter some parts of the spectrum when you are working indoors or at home using screens. 

You can also purchase blue light filter covers from your phone , pc ,tv monitors to help protect your cornea, lenses and retinas .

3.  Use blue light blocking apps on your or software on your Pc, so LED bulbs on your screens emit less light in the blue violet light spectrum .

4. Consume foods rich in carotenoids regularly to support rod and cone cells your retina, by lowering inflammation caused by harmful blue-violet light. 

Carrots , swiss, chard , peppers, are all excellent choices .

Eating this regularly supplies lutein , zeaxanthin and beta carotene all of which help you to see better  in the dark , and reduce photochemical damage from all types of light.

5. Avoid low fat diets and eat foods that are rich in retinol (vitamin A) to protect the 1.7 million nerves fibres of the eye, and keep them lubricated. 

The best sources of ratinol are beef liver , virgin cod liver oil, pasture raised egg, yolks, real butter .

6. To reset your circadian rhythm, melatonin and  cortisol cycles, try to wake-up early when the sun is rising , go out side and exposure yourself to full spectrum light for 20-30 minutes .


I'd like to share with you some of the best nutritional supplements that you can to support health eyes and protect against blue light damage .

Nutritional supplements 

Lutein & zeaxanithin 

Take a supplements which contains 25 mg of  lutein and 5mg of zeaxanithin  on a daily basis. 

These are directly absorbed into the lenses of your eyes helping to absorb and filter out blue light , whilst also protecting against oxidative damages. 

Cod liver oil

You may consider taking 1-2 teaspoons of virgin cod liver oil on a daily basis .

To supply your eyes with lots of ratinol , (active vitamin a) along with essential  omega 3 fats .

These support the structure and function of the eye, especially the nerve tissue helping  you to see better in low light , and have less eyestrian. 

Digestive enzyme (with bile)

If you have any type of digestive damage such as bloating ,gas,acid reflux ,indigestion or inflammation in your colon you may struggle to absorb the nutrients that i just shared with you , to boost your absorption take 1-2 capsules of digestive enzymes 

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